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1,050 Tk

120GB Hard Disk fo Laptop

Laptop Hard Disk 120GB Sata in good condition.

Chittagong Personal

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1,100 Tk

Server Hard Disk 146GB

Original Server Hard Disk IBM 146GB/15k in good condition. visit for other accessories…. www.facebook.com/digitalctg

Chittagong Personal

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15,500 Tk

Core i5 laptop Dell 500GB/4GB

Dell Core i5 Laptop 5010 in good condition with 500GB Hard Disk, 4GB Ram, 15.6″ Display, WiFi, Webcam and 3 hours backup. visit link for […]

Chittagong Personal

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8,500 Tk

Gaming CPU Quad Core

Gaming CPU Quad core in good condition. Hard Disk 500GB, Ram 4GB, DVDRW,Gaming Graphics card 512MB and original ThermalTake Casing. Call for other configuration

Chittagong Personal

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4,100 Tk

ASUS H61 Motherboard warranty

H61 Asus motherboard in original box with 28 months warranty. Call for other parts.

Chittagong Personal

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18,300 Tk

Core i5 laptop Acer

Acer Core i5 Laptop Aspire 5750 in good condition with 640GB Hard Disk,4GB Ram,15″ LED Display, DVDRW, Webcam, WiF and 3 hours backup.

Chittagong Personal

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2,550 Tk

Gigabyte Motherboard H55

Gigabyte H61 motherboard like new in good condition. (support 2nd and 3rd Gen)

Chittagong Personal

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2,600 Tk

Graphics Card 2GB DDR3

Graphics Card 2GB DDR3 in good condition.

Chittagong Personal

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14,500 Tk

Core i5 CPU 1TB/4GB

Core i5 CPU in good condition. Motherboard H55 Gigabyte, Processor Core i5 650, Hard Disk 1TB, Ram 4GB, Dvdrw, Casing Gming. Full fresh like new. […]

Chittagong Personal

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2,550 Tk

H55 Motherboard like new

Full fresh like new H55 DDR3 motherboard in good condition. Call for other parts.

Chittagong Personal

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1,350 Tk

Quadcore 8 MB/2.4/Q6600

Core 2 Quad 2.4/8MB processor in good condition with 7 days warranty. Call for other parts.

Chittagong Personal

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