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The TAJ Scientific is the first reputed complete store in Bangladesh for quality Surgical, Scientific instruments,chemicals, Books & Stationery.

* We provide home delivery all over Bangladesh.
* We export instruments to Pakistan. Srilanka, Indonasia, Burma etc.

Headoffice :
400, Anderkilla, Chittagong 4000, Bangladesh.
Tel : 880-31- 632118. 2863756. FAX : 2864487.
E-mail: [email protected],
WEB : www.tajscientific.com
Cell- 01711 802930

Other Branches-

Dhaka : Sciencemate
Russel Centre, 26 Hatkhola road, Motijheel, Dhaka
Tel. +880-2-712526 Cell : 01711-685063, 01844 071860

Khulna :Rupsha Scientific
9, KDA avenue, Moilapota, Khulna
Tel. +880-41-732290 Cell:01711-802838,01844 071862

Feni : Sciencezone
S.S Kaisar road, Pachgacia road, Feni
Cell : 01714-025463, 01844 071863

Cox’s Bazar : Seaside Scientific
Anderson Road,Near to Laldeghi, Cox’s bazaar
Cell : 01714-080745, 01844 071859

Sylhet : Jalalabad Scientific
Shubeccha 4, Amberkhana west, Sylhet
Cell : 01711-407410, 01844 071861

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hot and cold hammer

3,900 Tk

Hot Cold Hammer Taj Scientific

Hot Cold Hammer Alternating hot and cold, the beauty the sum effect of multiplying natural thoroughly activate cells, improve, purify the skin, health, beauty health […]

Chittagong Business

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9,450 Tk


Wheelchair Commode & Sleeping This wheelchair is one of the multi purpose chairs which boast of features like reclining, inbuilt commode, customizable armrest and footrest […]

Chittagong Business

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ADB01ZPA Biology Box01

340 Tk

Biology Box (Red Velvet)

Biology Box This quality all-in-one kit is ideal for teaching introductory anatomy, nursing, and first-year medical students the proper names and uses for basic surgical […]

Chittagong Business

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hot and cold gil pack

195 Tk

Hot & Cold Gel Pack

Hot & Cold Gel Pack Use as cool packs in the early (acute) stage of a sports injury or following joint surgery to relieve pain, […]

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480 Tk

Hot Water Bag Electric

Hot Water Bag Electric It can ease pains such as arthritic, toothache, headache, back and neck pain, chilblain. Feature: It can ease pains such as […]

Chittagong Business

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Commode Chair

6,800 Tk

Commode Wheelchair

Commode Wheelchair High quality Commode Wheelchair to the esteemed customers at highly competitive prices. It can be used for toilet purpose of physically challenged people. […]

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8,900 Tk


Hair Re-growth and Skin Beauty Features: Adopts low-level laser irradiation which is painless, non-invasive, no side effects and has good, repid effects. The instrument do […]

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hot water bag

95 Tk

Hot Water Bag – Taj Scientific

Hot Water Bag Hot water bags, also called hot water bottles, are rubber bags filled with hot water and used for heat therapy. Use hot […]

Chittagong Business

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fingertip pulse oximeter

1,650 Tk

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Fingertip Oximeter POD-2 The Pulse Oximeter can be used in measuring the pulse oxygen saturation and pulse rate through finger. Product Description Fingertip Oximeter POD-2 […]

Chittagong Business

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39,500 Tk

Treadmill – Taj Scientific

High Quality Treadmill with Competitive Price for Home and Commercial Use. Specification: • Panel design LCD Display,Time,Speed,Distance,Heat Rate • Walking Area LXW 1200×425mm • Run […]

Chittagong Business

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Tens Massager 2

1,650 Tk

TENS Massager Therapy Device

Electric Massager / TENS Massager Therapy Device Electric massager / TENS massager therapy device Base on traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) theory, physics,bionics and electrobiology to developed […]

Chittagong Business

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tens Machine

2,000 Tk

TENS MACHINE- Taj Scientific

Tens Machine Mini Massager Chargable With large LCD screen Slim body, alleviate fatigue Main function: LCD display Time setting Six programs: massage, acupuncture, strike, compounding, […]

Chittagong Business

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290 Tk


Nose Clip How it Works: The magnets in the nose help clip, open the nasal cavity that helps prevent snoring! If you sleep the mouth […]

Chittagong Business

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280 Tk

Ice Bag(Polyester fabric)

Ice Bag Application: Relief your pain from heat, headache, hurt etc. 01.Cap:PP, Body: Polyester fabric. Ice Bag for Medical AND Home health care For more […]

Chittagong Business

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UV Phototheraphy

13,900 Tk

Skincare UV Phototherapy

Skincare UV Phototherapy Brief Introduction: Recent years, dermatosis patients become more and more,but traditional medication is not accepted by patients because it has much shortcoming […]

Chittagong Business

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