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The TAJ Scientific is the first reputed complete store in Bangladesh for quality Surgical, Scientific instruments,chemicals, Books & Stationery.

* We provide home delivery all over Bangladesh.
* We export instruments to Pakistan. Srilanka, Indonasia, Burma etc.

Headoffice :
400, Anderkilla, Chittagong 4000, Bangladesh.
Tel : 880-31- 632118. 2863756. FAX : 2864487.
E-mail: info.tajscientific@gmail.com,
WEB : www.tajscientific.com
Cell- 01711 802930

Other Branches-

Dhaka : Sciencemate
Russel Centre, 26 Hatkhola road, Motijheel, Dhaka
Tel. +880-2-712526 Cell : 01711-685063, 01844 071860

Khulna :Rupsha Scientific
9, KDA avenue, Moilapota, Khulna
Tel. +880-41-732290 Cell:01711-802838,01844 071862

Feni : Sciencezone
S.S Kaisar road, Pachgacia road, Feni
Cell : 01714-025463, 01844 071863

Cox’s Bazar : Seaside Scientific
Anderson Road,Near to Laldeghi, Cox’s bazaar
Cell : 01714-080745, 01844 071859

Sylhet : Jalalabad Scientific
Shubeccha 4, Amberkhana west, Sylhet
Cell : 01711-407410, 01844 071861

hot and cold hammer

3,900 Tk


Hot Cold Hammer Alternating hot and cold, the beauty the sum effect of multiplying natural thoroughly activate cells, improve, purify the skin, health, beauty health […]

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100 Tk


Rubik’s Cube The world’s most perfect and addictive puzzle Invented back in the 70s Comes with a hint and game suggestion book Dimensions: 3x3x3 Rubik’s […]

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Cervical Collar

240 Tk


Cervical Collar Soft with Support Features: Anatomical shape. Well Ventilated. High density PU foam. Skin matching shades. Hypo-allergenic covering. Brand: Tynor Salient Features: Improves functional […]

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Hearing Aid Vita 118

3,490 Tk


Pocket Hearing Aids (Siemens) Features: Medium power suitable for moderate to severe hearing weak people. Low distortion,low noise Technical Parameters: Model: VITA 118 Full of […]

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Tens Massager 2

1,650 Tk

TENS Massager Therapy Device

Electric Massager / TENS Massager Therapy Device Electric massager / TENS massager therapy device Base on traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) theory, physics,bionics and electrobiology to developed […]

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650 Tk

Elbow Crutch – Taj Scientific

Disabled Walking Aluminum Elbow Crutch. Aluminum Stick / Crutch is a Forearm type of crutch / stick with a cuff at the top to go […]

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arm siling 2

60 Tk

Arm Sling (Bangladeshi)- Taj Scientific

Arm Sling Pouch Arm Sling (Tropical) holds, supports and immobilizes the sprained, broken or surgically operated arm in the flexion position while it recuperates. Features: […]

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1,650 Tk

MASSAGER BELT – SLIM – Taj Scientific

Slim Massager Belt Vibro Shape New Slender Fat Burning Oscillating massage Loss Weight Slimming Belt Electric Slim massager Vibro shape belt. Vibro Shape is a […]

Chittagong Business

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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Arm-K2-1702

3,300 Tk


Digital Blood Pressure Monitor K2-1702 Measuring your blood pressure at home and keeping a record of the measurements will show you and your doctor how […]

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UV Phototheraphy

13,900 Tk

Skincare UV Phototherapy -Taj Scientific

Skincare UV Phototherapy Brief Introduction: Recent years, dermatosis patients become more and more,but traditional medication is not accepted by patients because it has much shortcoming […]

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280 Tk

Ice Bag(Polyester fabric)-Taj Scientific

Ice Bag Application: Relief your pain from heat, headache, hurt etc. 01.Cap:PP, Body: Polyester fabric. Ice Bag for Medical AND Home health care For more […]

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Arm Siling

210 Tk

ARM SLING – Taj Scientific

Arm Sling Pouch Arm Sling (Tropical) holds, supports and immobilizes the sprained, broken or surgically operated arm in the flexion position while it recuperates. Features: […]

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820 Tk

Infrared Body Massager-Dolphin Shape

Infrared Body Massager Dolphin Shape Infrared Body Massager is a Classy electric dolphin shape full body massager. Its portable and travel-sized design. This body massager […]

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2,400 Tk


Mesh Nebulizer The handheld, portable, silent nebulizer is the ideal product for those who need to nebulise on the move.Now you can leave the house […]

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740 Tk


Hair Curler Heat conductor material: Tourmaline ceramic best style time Tuning the isothermia: 1 segment Hair roller heat conduction diameter:21mm-30mm Power:25w-39w Hair quality: wet and […]

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Calculator Mj-120D

520 Tk

CASIO CALCULATOR MJ-120D- Taj Scientific

CASIO CALCULATOR MJ-120D The Casio Calculator MJ-120D which can meet all your ordinary computing requirements. This Casio calculator provides mathematical functionality, making it ideal for […]

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Fx-991 Es Plus

1,190 Tk

Scientific Calculator FX-991ES Plus

Scientific Calculator – Casio The Casio Scientific calculator which can meet all your ordinary computing as well as scientific computing requirements. This Casio scientific calculator […]

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shabde shabde al quran 2

200 Tk

শব্দে শব্দে আল-কুরআন

Shabde Shabde Al Quran সুরার নামকরণ নাযিল হওয়ার সময়কাল আলোচ্য বিষয় আরবী আয়াত, বাংলা অনুবাদ প্রত্যেক শব্দের বাংলা অনুবাদ সংক্ষিপ্ত বাংলা তাফসীর প্রত্যেক রুকু বা […]

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480 Tk

Hot Water Bag Electric- Taj Scientific

Hot Water Bag Electric It can ease pains such as arthritic, toothache, headache, back and neck pain, chilblain. Feature: It can ease pains such as […]

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